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Group Lessons

Group lessons are a great way to learn singing, work through grades, practise performing and have fun. As well as building friendships, singing in a group also enables us to work on harmony singing as well as getting used to performing in front of others which builds confidence.  

Exam Classes

Graded music exams not only offer structure and a well-defined target but from grade 6 onwards they also offer UCAS points.  We enter for the London College of Music exams in both Musical Theatre Singing and Performance and Popular Music Singing, so the children can really focus of the particular music that they love. We cover all aspects of the exam in the group lessons and when the students are ready, we will send you an email to let you know, as well as information on the exam fees, locations and deadlines. We will administer the application for you to help make the process as simple as possible. If you would prefer not to enter the exam, that is absolutely fine too! For us, the most important thing is that students enjoy the lessons and make progress. Success in the grade exams is just a bonus! The vast majority of our students achieve merits or distinctions in their grade exams.



Nursery Music Lessons

Your child is never too young to appreciate music and the nursery music class for children aged between 0 - 4 years is the perfect way to start.  Through a range of instruments, musical stories, puppets, movement, games and songs your child will learn and enjoy basic music knowledge




The Voice Academy


A 1 hour weekly class for singers aged 14 - 18 yrs who are serious about performing and recording

Every week the students will spend some time learning and practising correct singing technique to build strength and stamina in the voice, correct breathing technique and how to increase their range.


Then we move on to the weekly project which will include: Songwriting, Singing and performing exam preparation, Learning about the different music genres and how to style songs, pop music history, group harmony. 


The final part of the session gives the students the opportunity to perform in small groups or solo to the rest of the class. Great care is given to gently encourage and build confidence.

Classes last for 45 mins and run in 10 week terms

       Your child will learn

  • Different styles of music

  • Pitch and tuning

  • Songs and movement

  • Rhythm and timing

  • Basic keyboard skills

    Your child will play

  • Violin

  • Ukelele/guitar

  • Percussion

  • Recorder

  • Piano

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